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There is some stuff here that you may be interested in, but probably not, This is my very small contribution to the internet. Lots of guff but not much content, in keeping with much of the internet smiley

My Don't upgrade your PC because you probably don't have to - page.

A tasty Fig Jam Recipe.

My ancient Rosacea Support Group pages.

Another web site I'm involved with the Rosacea Research Foundation.

David & Julia's Holiday 2000 Online Pictures.

Some history: showing how old I am ...

My other Home Page, more of the sort of belly button lint that you find here....

All about a bike ride I did in 2003 Bike for Bibles, from Perth to Hobart, a mere 4300km! (Sometimes people look for Bikes for Bibles with a plural, so this is a blatant plug so that search engines will work).

I use and recommend the following internet tools. I have found them to be the best of breed for use under win32.

Email SPAM Filtering Browser Editor
TheBat! SpamCop Opera Vim