Opera Browser

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Version: 3.60Cost: $35 USD www.opera.com

This browser is just perfect for Windows 3.1x. Only having 8Mb of RAM means that Navigator really thrashes the disk but Opera just purrs along. In fact the release of Opera convinced me that I could really keep my old PC and have access to everything I wanted. Opera is faster at drawing pages, both because it is more efficiently written than Navigator and IE, and because it requires less virtual memory. You don't even need Win32s installed, it is a true 16 bit application. Opera supports JavaScript and seems to render pages with ease.

Opera doesn't currently support Java, but this to me is an advantage because I don't want to wait for Applets to download and then run like a dog. Also I don't want to waste precious bytes running a Java Virtual Machine - with no real benefit. Use your memory carefully, many applications don't respect your desire to conserve RAM !! Because JavaScript and https are supported I haven't been left wanting anything with Opera.

It is nice that I still don't have to use Internet Explorer. Anyway, Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows 3.1 is so full of bugs to be useless. I would quite happily use Navigator except that it is just too slow, and too bloated. Navigator 4.0 was so slow that it didn't seem to run at all, Navigator 3.0 would execute OK but my disk was severely thrashed.

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