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Don't upgrade your PC !! If you can run Windows 3.1 or 3.11 and have 8Mb and some spare disk space you don't need a new PC. Your current one will last you several years yet. Don't give any more money to Wintel than you have to. Get off the upgrade, depreciate, upgrade cycle. Aren't you angry that your PC seems to be outdated so quickly ? well it isn't - don't believe all the hype you read.

These pages describes my setup for my home PC. As my PC is a DX2/66 with 8Mb of RAM running 3.11 I have limited resources to run all the latest bloatware. I have chosen small tight software to run with. After growing old waiting for Communicator 3.x to load and then to chug chug my email, news and WWW, I ditched it when I first tried Opera.

So below I will outline how to spend just a few dollars and get all the internet resource you will likely ever want. You may even find some tips on how to use this software more effectively. Most programs have some secrets that can make them frustrating to use. To help you squeeze those last few features out of your software keep reading.

I have tried a couple of different email programs, news readers, and browsers, but have settled on the following, based on their ability to run well on a smallish Windows 3.1 machine and that they can be downloaded quickly compared to other bloated alternatives.

All of the following programs are available to download from tucows, so find your closest mirror and go for it.

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