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Rosacea News: Read All About It
Get the latest rosacea updates, see Rosacea News. Updated regularly with everything new and interesting in the world of rosacea.
Australian IPL List Updated
The Australian IPL List has been updated, current as of early 2005.
Linda Sy's Sales support the RRF
When you place your order for your favourite Linda Sy product, be sure to mention that you heard about Linda Sy from the RRF and she will donate 2% of each sale to the Rosacea Research Foundation. When finalising your order, just answer RRF to the question "How did you hear about Linda Sy?"
Rosacea Research Foundation Announced
A new non-profit organisation dedicated to funding research into rosacea has recently been announced. Please support the Rosacea Research Foundation in any way that you can.
Rosacea Blog
Andrew has put together a rosacea blog where he summarises recent threads on the support email group. Also, check out his Rosacea Treatments database for reports on fellow sufferers' IPL, ETS and rosacea treatment.
My Rosacea Treatment
I have put together information about my rosacea treatments. I hope that it might be be useful to those with similar rosacea symptoms to me.
New Zinc Sunscreens
Bare Zone, a company based in Perth and using locally produced microfine Zinc Oxide has released some new physical sunscreens. The one I like most is their Bare Zone SPF30+ Natural Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin. This can be ordered by any Pharmacy in Australia if they don't have it in stock. See their brochure for more information. Also now widely available is another physical suncreen based on ZinClear's Zinc Oxide. It is called Megan Gale Invisible Zinc SPF30+.
2 New Book Reviews
I have reviewed 2 recent books on rosacea. The first is Rosacea, Your Self-Help Guide and the second The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Acne Rosacea
Cutanix Web Site Launched
Cutanix has launched their new look web site. Many in the group have tried and liked their Dramatic Relief Lotion. Also, there has been a section added to the list highlights with peoples thoughts on the DRL (look under Treatments -> Cutanix - DRL).
Rosacea Classification
A panel of Rosacea experts has released what they have called a standard classification of Rosacea. Their high level paper was published in the Journal of American Dermatology, April 2002. You can find the article online via The Rosacea Research Foundation at Standard Classification of Rosacea. Also see the followup article, Rosacea Grading System
Rosacea Treatment Reports
Thanks to Andrew Reid, we now have a page where you can leave comments about your IPL, VBeam and ETS treatments. Please add to our growing knowledge of how these effective these rosacea treatments are.
Rosacea Care Releases Sr(NO3)2
The guys at Rosacea Care have released their Strontium Calming Lotion". This is an exciting new product that is formulated especially for the burning and stinging of sensitive rosacea skin.
Rosacea Diet Reviewed
Now available, a review of Brady Barrow's Rosacea Diet.
Australian Hyperhidrosis
I have created a new section on the Australian Rosacea Page with some information on local hyperhidrosis treatments.
Australian IPL List Updated
I have received updated information about all of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machines installed in AustraliaN & New Zealand. See the Australian Rosacea Page.
Rosacea Care Announces Samples
As tried by a few members of the email support group, Rosacea Care have announced a Sample Pack where you can trial their products for a small cost. Visit their web site to check ingredients and order your sample of their Liquid Cleanser, Mositurizer and Serum.
Book Review
A new book has been published independently of the Rosacea Support Group. It is called The Rosacea Handbook, A Self Help Guide, by Ann-Marie Lindstrom. Read my review here.
New Address: rosacea.ii.net
You can now bookmark this page as http://rosacea.ii.net. Please update your bookmarks to this new easier to remember address.
Linda Sy's New Website !
Linda Sy's new website is now online. Be sure to checkout her new ZincO as well as her rosacea pages and treatment regime pages. The ZincO cream was specially formulated for Rosaceans, I love it.
Book Review
Joy-Full, Holistic Remedies
I have written a short review on Georgie Holbrook's self published book.
Reading List
[NEW] Peruse published rosacea research articles with the new Google Scholar Search.
"Rosacea Q&A, Dialogue with a Mentor", Albert Kligman M.D. Ph.D.
"Skin Rejuvenation for Sun Damage, Aging, and Rosacea using Intense Pulsed Light", Patrick H. Bitter Sr., MD & Geoffrey Nase, Ph.D, published as Chapter 41, of Lasers in Aesethetics Surgery.
"Efficacy of Low-Dose Isotretinoin in Patients With Treatment-Resistant Rosacea" by F. Gülru Erdogan, MD and Pinar Yurtsever, MD. From Archives of Dermatology, Vol. 134 No. 7, July 1998.
"The Red Face of Rosacea" from Geoffrey Nase. Was published as one of Linda Sy's newsletters. [NEW] Also an excellent overview of Classification and Therapies for Rosacea from Linda Sy's Skin411 Digest.
"Use of Topical Products for Maintaining Remission in Rosacea" Jonathan K. Wilkin, MD. From Archives of Dermatology, Vol 135 No. 1, January 1999. There is also some rebuttals to this article in Nase's Beating Rosacea book.
Testimonials of how the Rosacea Support Group has helped others.
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About Rosacea:

According to the National Rosacea Society, more than 14 million Americans suffer from Rosacea, and most of them don't know it. Rosacea is an acne like inflammatory skin condition that can affect the nose, cheeks, chin and eyes. Sometimes (but no longer) called acne rosacea, rosacea is surprising because of how common it is and secondly how poorly understood it is.

In recent surveys by the National Rosacea Society, nearly 70 percent of rosacea patients said this condition had lowered their self-confidence and self-esteem, and 41 percent reported it had caused them to avoid public contact or cancel social engagements.

Those that suffer from rosacea, know well that rosacea is more than just a red face.


Where to look for more:

If you are just starting to look for internet resources related to Rosacea, your first stop should be the Rosacea FAQ. This will answer some of your simple questions and whet your appetite for more.

The Rosacea Support Group

Looking for some rosacea help ? In October 1998, I created an email support group for rosacea (a rosacea forum, rosacea chat or rosacea bulletin board if you like). This group has proved valuable for people suffering from rosacea to exchange information about rosacea symptoms and rosacea treatment. We are blessed by having several doctors and rosacea experts as part of the email group. As of November 2005, there are more than 6300 registered members of this email group, with many many more reading the list without registering.

What can you expect when you join ? well, you'll likely get about 250 email messages a week, although you can read via the web site if you prefer not to clog up your inbox. The members talk about their rosacea symptoms, treating rosacea, ocular rosacea, facial redness, rhinophyma and rosacea red noses, rosacea flushing, rosacea related pain, steroid induced rosacea as well as lots more.

Rosacea Support Forums:

The largest forum, with over 6000 members is the rosacea-support email group, which uses Yahoo!Groups.

If you use AOL as your internet company you can also checkout the Rosacea: Mainstream Medical forum.

If you are interested in Hyperhidrosis and Facial Blushing, try the ESFB Bulletin Board.

The Rosacea Forum is a popular Bulletin Board style support group.

The List Highlights:

Over time, some excellent messages have been posted to this email group. I have compiled a listing of rosacea product reviews, rosacea treatments and personal regimes into what I have called the list highlights. Once you have started your rosacea reading, settle in and read the highlights, you will learn quite a lot from other peoples' experiences. Also, visit the Rosacea News where rolling topics of interest are listed.

Searching the archives
Searching the archives takes some effort, but it is worth it. Unfortunately the search feature built in to Yahoo! Groups is very poor, so even though all the messages are there in their archive, you can't really search them. You do have 3 reasonable alternatives though ;
  1. For messages posted since 26th July 2004 try the fast and accurate [google groups search]. Sadly this archive is filling with spam.

  2. Use Warren's great new Search Engine, that has crawled many rosacea web sites as well as all of the rosacea-support Yahoo!Group. Here a couple of example searches.

Geoffrey Nase & Rosacea

The rosacea community first heard from Geoffrey Nase in February 1999. Geoffrey was a severe rosacea sufferer and a vascular researcher. Subsequently, his background and his zeal lead him to self publish a book on rosacea. This book introduced us to new ideas about the basis of the disease and how we can go about treating it. It is still the best book available on the subject.

[Update November 2005] In the last year, some in the rosacea community have lost faith in Geoffrey as a leader in rosacea. I want to believe that the last year doesn't mean that we have lost our hopes and dreams that came with Geoffrey ; but sadly my hopes appear to be poorly placed. A recent newspaper article also deals with this sad story.

On a personal level, I have thought quite a bit about recent events that relate to Geoffrey Nase, rosacea and the internet. I've captured these thoughts in a document I have titled `When your Internet Angel is a "Dog"'.

This may be a time for everyone to look again at how much they can help each other with rosacea. Do you have some experiences that you could share that might help fellow sufferers ? Why not not post them to rosacea-support today ?


These pages are a personal attempt by me to use the resources of the internet to educate, support, encourage and then rid the world of rosacea.
What you won't find here is just as important as what you will find. You won't find any requests for money, nor any claims that we have a rosacea cure. You will find, though, a community of fellow rosacea sufferers who are willing to share their symptoms, and their successful and failed treatments.
If you'd like to link to me, please link to http://rosacea.ii.net and call the link Rosacea Support Group in the anchor text. Thanks.
David Pascoe
Last Updated:
Sun Dec 18 12:27:51 WST 2005

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The information available through the Rosacea Support Group is for information only and does not constitute medical advice.
Always consult a relevantly qualified medical professional before altering any treatment regime.