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After trying several so-called HTML editors I have given up using them and have gone back to raw HTML. I tried Word 97, Front Page Express, Front Page 98, Netscape Composer and hated them all after really trying hard to like them. Composer was the best but it still didn't really understand what it was creating, just the most basic of tags. So my solution is to learn a little HTML and use a nice syntax editor like Vim. Vim is now available as a GUI for Win32s. This provides all of the nice syntax hightlighting and GUI features of gvim as available for Windows 95/NT and many flavours of UNIX. If you have ever learnt vi then you will be really impressed with gvim.

OK OK so I'm a programmer and I'm used to seeing logical source code and editing it, but honestly it is much easier when you know what is really happening with your creations. After writing the .htm files to disk, use the disk browse feature of Opera to see how you are doing. From Opera, entering a URL of "C:" will get you the top level of your disk, surf away !.

You will need to install Win32s as there isn't a native 16 bit Windows version available yet. You can download win32s from

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